Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas preparations

Few things say "Christmas" to me more than an assortment of wood shapes (bought on Etsy), a handful of inexpensive acrylic paints, some nontoxic finish, and a few clandestine painting sessions with my older children.

This particular present is for the toddler, who has only a few toys and who was felt to be in need of his own "Blue Army." The older children intend to show him how to play with it via multiple joint demonstrations. 

Peaceful Play

Before Christmas we try to sort through our toys and give away what we don't need "to make room for Baby Jesus." But it has the additional effect of making our children aware of the toys they do have. 

I was preoccupied with Christmas preparations this morning when I became aware of the happy noises of play up in our toy lift over the kitchen and went to investigate. There I found the older children had set up a house/store for the younger ones, who were enjoying themselves immensely. I was struck by their creativity in making a stove and kitchen counter and providing food for hungry dolls. 

In a recent talk I spoke on the importance of having the right amount of toys in proportion to the child. I think this picture is satisfying partially because it show the right ratio of toys to children. It's a good ideal to strive for, because it brings out peace and playfulness, both of which we love to see in our children.