Monday, January 29, 2007

Okay, I did it.

Dear P&G,

I have used Ivory for years and love the product.
For years I've wanted to email you and ask you to consider coming out with a prettier dish soap bottle that wouldn't have an obvious "Ivory" name, something more decorative that I would feel good about leaving out on the countertop, where it's far more useful. What I do now is use is a hair gel squeeze bottle from another company, filling it up with Ivory soap, but of course it's small and inconvenient.
I would love to see Ivory come out with a new soap container that was too pretty to hide away. I would buy it!
I just blogged about this at my blog, and I thought I might as well email your company and make the request in writing.
Thanks again for your excellent product.

Regina Doman

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Nancy C. Brown said...

I love Ivory, too, and that's all I buy. I have old pump containers (that are pretty) from other products, and just refill them with ivory when they get low.