Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Favorite Things: Basket on my Dresser

I admit it, I'm a jewelry person. I love accessories, especially if they're shiny. Last year I was wearing a lot of homemade necklaces with glass beads, and I decided to heap them like a pile of treasure, in a favorite round basket with makeup and hair accessories and brush. And of course I couldn't resist taking a picture to capture the exhibition.
Mom's dresser, as the largest horizontal surface in most bedrooms, too easily becomes the catchall for all sorts of odds and ends, important things saved from the toddler or the cat, important-looking things whose proper destination other family members are unsure of -- my dresser quickly becomes cluttered.
The final step in cleaning my room is always cleaning my dresser. My constant battle is to keep it uncluttered and home only to the things I need and things I find beautiful, as William Morris said. This basket was last year's attempt to make the necessary things beautiful. This year, the struggle continues.

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Cris said...

I am particular about my dresser... as God is my witness it needs to be clean. Most days it is the ONLY surface in our house that is clean--but I know I can go in my bedroom and there will not be any toys, stray socks, legos, barbie shoes, hair brushes, random pieces of paper, or dog food on top of my dresser... ahhhh, that is peace.