Friday, February 23, 2007

From Charlene: More Cool Toy Links

Thanks Charlie!

Hi Regina,
I love your blog. In the comment section of your topic about expensive toys you asked us to send you some links to the children's toys we love. I don't usually buy toys (they just seem to keep marching into our house from outside sources), but here are a couple of my favorite ready-made toy links: and

I really prefer homemade toys to store bought ones though, and so I'm including some sites that show parents how to make dolls for their children.

Corn Husk Dolls:

As a child I grew up on a farm, and one of the main things we grew was corn. Each year at harvest time, my sister and I were able to make new dolls from the corn husks. I think my mom still has some of our better creations, and I'll see if I can get some pictures up on my blog. I found the above website, that has a very good pattern for these unique little friends, which can be embellished with cloth clothing and painted faces.

The doll I had mentioned in my comment looked a lot like this one. I had wonderful fun making her dresses and bonnets as a child, and am planning to make one for my own little girl for her second birthday.

These little dolls, like the other two mentioned above, are great for families on a budget that still want their children playing with things other than the generic plastic baby doll. These are great for toddlers and younger little girls.

Americans are imbued in a disposable culture. I think that a lot of the cheap plastic toys that we give our children could be replaced by toys made from items that would have gotten thrown away. (My grandma always would make her granddaughters dolls with the Aunt Jemima bottles.) This is just a matter of my personal opinion, but I would rather my children playing with cars made from old matchboxes than Matchbox brand cars. I like toys that children can make for themselves because it fosters independence and creativity. When I do buy toys, I want ones that are unique and beautiful, not ones that every other child in America has. I also love toys that help foster a greater sense of ethnicity and Catholicity in children.

Okay, well that's enough on my little ramblings. I hope you find this links useful and enjoyable.

In the love of Christ,
Charlie Chautin

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