Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Last Day of Little Christmas!

Feb. 2 is Candlemas, the last day of what our family calls "Little Christmas," from Epiphany through the Feast of the Presentation. I thought I'd post a picture of my miniature Nativity scene in honor of the last day of this past year's Christmas.

This Nativity scene is a replica of the one that was stolen from me when I lived in New York and thieves stole a trunk from the back of my car an event I wrote about years ago shortly after it happened. After lots of searching, I found a replacement on Ebay a few years ago and have been trying to add one piece a year. It sits on my dresser now every year and my girls love arranging it.

Enjoy the last remnants of the Feast of the Incarnation!


Justine Schmiesing said...

Very sweet, Regina. And I enjoyed reading your article.

LeeAnn said...

Is that a unicorn? and pixies? Looks like a little girl's dream nativity, for sure! Now my girls, one particular, would be happy if we could talk all the shepherds and wisemen into wearing only shades of pink. I love the little birthday candles in there too! Lots of fun. :) Not what you would expect a "serious" Catholic author to like. But I think that's good. Happy and blessed Candlemas to you!

Christine said...

The Polish tradition is to observe Little Christmas until February 2 (as you do). In Poland the Feast of the Presentation or Candlemas is also referred to as the "Feast of Mary of the Candles" because Mary brought to the world the "Light of the World", Jesus.

Your Nativity scene is very sweet.

regina doman said...

Christine, I love hearing that about "the Feast of Mary of the Candles!" My husband is Polish, so our kids are too. That title conjures up a great image for a family shrine!

Mary Poppins NOT said...

I remember reading that article when I got the magazine in the mail. I had only small children then, and was so hungry for the kind of ideas you wrote about. Seeing that article today certainly brought me back to very happy times.