Monday, February 05, 2007


This is my idea of luxury, one that makes me feel that our house (with its partial siding, construction project at the back, two closets, and plastic bins stacked on the porch) is coming along just fine. Since we ditched our furnace, our central heat is the wood stove we bought. Cold early mornings, my husband comes down, lets the chickens out, brings in wood, and lights the fire. It's the most natural thing in the world for us to congregate around the growing warm spot for breakfast. And when the breakfast is tea and toast, and sausage cooked over the fire, and when the kids start their homeschooling without a fuss, then I feel that life really couldn't get any better.
Peace to your day.


Flighty Girl said...

Hi Regina,
I really love your blog and your cozy home! I stumbled on your blog by way of Like Merchant Ships, but realized after reading your posts that I think you know my brother, Ryan Corrigan.
Thank you for your lovely posts.

Suzanne Temple said...

Hello Regina,

We have a woodstove also. It is wonderful to have a hearth that really gathers the family together. I couldn't imagine life without one.

Love2Learn Mom said...

How wonderfully cozy! We're hoping to put an wood-burning "insert" into our fireplace so it will be much more useful in the VERY cold weather up here than it is right now.