Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snack Table

For years I've had a toddler snack table in a corner of my kitchen or dining area, a little place with a small wooden table and chair where kids can sit in a chair sized just for them and have snacks in a somewhat civilized manner, or color or play with table-sized toys. Currently we don't have an area like this in our kitchen, but my friend Anna Hatke does. She made hers with an end table and mismatched chair, but by prettying the area up with a colored oilcloth and a fairy-print plaque it's a spot of beauty in her dining room -- just for small children.


ABIGAIL said...

Wonderful idea! When the Someday comes, and our kitchen is large enough to accomodate something similar, I plan to snatch this idea for my very own.

Beth Pack said...

That is a great idea. I've noticed how little kids like to get in chairs that are "their size." We might have to try it in a year or so.