Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

Being 1/4th Italian and not a bit Irish, I cultivate an air of studied disinterest about St. Patrick's day. But my husband, who has Irish in the mix, and my children, are much more enthusiastic. My daughter Rose spent several weeks planning the celebration, which began with one of our big family breakfasts. Rose created green orange juice and a green fruit salad and I got in the spirit with some green-marbled scones. Then we set the table, using lots of white for contrast, and every green table linen we owned (pressing some quilt fat quarters into service to round out the place settings). My husband read St. Patrick's Breastplate as grace before the meal. And after breakfast we spent some time tracing some of their Irish ancestors back to the 1850 potato famine, which made me (whose Slavic/Italian forbears seemed to have quarreled with their families before setting out to America, since they never passed down any sort of contact information to the rest of us) feel a little jealous! And it was a delicious breakfast -- many thanks to my Irish Rose!


Kristen Laurence said...

What a gorgeous table! So pretty.

LeeAnn said...

Here is our St. Patrick's Day dinner. We are Irish-Scots-Welsh-German and the extended family is Presbyterian, but we celebrated very merrily! Hope you enjoy the photos.

Ben said...

Nice! I'm downright hostile towards St. Patricks Day celebrations, but something like this could warm me towards it.