Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Red House

I know a family who builds and sells custom homes. When I was visiting their red-sided house the other day, which they are putting on the market, I asked if I could share their home with my blog readers. Doran and her husband designed and built the house themselves, using salvaged materials and antique doors to add character whenever they could. And since they have a large family, they omitted cathedral ceilings in favor of ... more bedrooms! In a day and age where larger homes (this is a massive four-bedroom on nearly five country acres) aspire to mansionhood, I appreciated the honesty and simple beauty of this family home.

You can't see it in the pictures, but one detail that caught my eye was that all the doors have black hinges and knobs. It's amazing how that little detail made such a difference. Doran admitted that she did it herself, to age the home and give it simplicity. Though of course few of us have the chance to build our own homes, it's interesting how that small change enriched the house. (And I admit now I've been entertaining serious thoughts of changing all our doorknobs now...)

Since we're rennovating our own home, I find it fascinating to see what other people are doing, and how castoff materials can find a new task in beautifiying a very new home.

PS: oh, and if you happen to be looking for a house in the Front Royal area, you can see additional details about this home here.


Christine said...

We often daydream about either buying an old farmhouse (with good wiring and plumbing) or building something that LOOKS like an old farmhouse. This is a really beautiful home. :) Please thank your friend for sharing it with everyone.

Julie said...

A beautiful home...looks warm and inviting!

Kristen Laurence said...

Wow, that is beautiful! How I wish more homes looked like that in California. And to have the space and land, oh my! Here builders place huge designer homes on tiny lots, and it is so sad for those of us who want a yard for our kids, not the latest granite countertops.

I just love those wide-planked wood floors!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful house. We live in a 1968 tri-level. Kinda ugly, but after some paint and refinished floors, in my head I think it looks like this house. Hee hee.