Tuesday, May 15, 2007

From a Reader: Toy Storage Ideas

I wanted to share this email from a few weeks ago from a blog reader (sorry this took me so long, Kira! Thank you!). She shows how you can corral the sometimes hopeless mess of baby toys without hassles. I really love the baby toy shelf in the second picture, by the way.

These are some pictures of how we are arranging our toys for our daughter. My father made all the honey colored furniture for us and we purchased the dark piece at walmart. I only put a few toys out at a time and then rotate them (I keep the toys we have put away in a small white armoire in her bedroom (we share a bedroom with her, but it is set up as a 'nursery' for her and we just keep our clothes in a walk in closet). It works pretty well for us!

I've been enjoying your blog!

Kira Mello

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Kate in NJ said...

Great pics!