Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hundred-and-Thirteen-Acre Wood: Colorful Kids' Bathroom

When a large family who's lived with one bathroom for years finally gets a second one, it's time to celebrate, especially if your oldest kids are just about to become teenage girls. And if you have a lot of kids, you might just start using the bathroom even before it's finished!

I loved how Gretchen painted the kids' bathroom blue (it's a boys' bathroom too) but feminized it with a purple shower curtain and shag rug. You can see it's a work in process: a utility sink stands in for a standard vanity (though maybe it's so useful they're going to keep it!), wiring and tiling still need to be done. But the bathroom is thoroughly functional even in its partially-done state: skylights bring in natural daylight, a pocket door separates the shower/toilet from the vanity area, bath toys are stashed in empty ice-cream buckets, and stacks of beach towels (love that idea!) keep things cheerful even while the "under construction" phase continues.

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Mrs. Pickles said...

I love the laundry sink! That is a GREAT idea!!