Monday, July 02, 2007

Memorial Stone

We still have yet to order the stone for Joshua's grave. Our friend Ben Hatke, who drew the pictures for my book Angel in the Waters, designed this one for us. I am wondering if the trees look too bare without leaves, but otherwise I love it. Our family crest, which we designed for ourselves just for fun, years ago, is in the center. It probably should be a little bigger. What do you think?


Kristyn said...

a beautiful tribute...

Red Cardigan said...

Regina, I think this is a beautiful and moving design, and I do like the simple lines of the trees.

You and your family will be in my prayers this week--God bless.

LeeAnn Balbirona said...

I think it is nice how it is but adding leaves could look good too. It depends on the visual message. Are the trees bare as an image of sadness? That is certainly the impression I get. I like the little curling twigs off the larger branches. I don't know if you have a headstone or anything but should there be a cross somewhere in the design? Altogether is lovely in a Tolkein-esque way. The sword and shield especially are a nice touch.

I love your family crest. My husband and I met in the Society for Creative Anachronism so we both have personal coats of arms and banners to match. Our children naturally would properly use our arms divided on one shield. (Should they ever decide to take up with the SCA again, I suppose. Or just take an interest in heraldry.)

Will this be laser-etched? I hope all the details show up in the final stone.

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful tribute to your son.

I think it would be nice if the family crest could be bigger. Other than that I think it's perfect. I like the simple lines on the trees - draws the eye to what's important. I almost think leaves on the trees would be distracting.

Roberta said...

What a beautiful and meaningful name your son has. The design is unique and beautiful.

We waited a year after our sons death to purchase the memorial stone and I remember well the nurturing Momma feelings I had creating this for my was all I could do. A lamb and a cross were what I wanted. Simple, but comforting to look at when going to his gravesite, though the memories and love are daily.

God bless you and your family in this tender time of remembering.
I pray God will surround you with His strength and steadfast love.


Pete or Kathryn said...

I've been thinking of all of you a lot these days and praying for you. I think the memorial is lovely and something you will all treasure over the years. Ben has done a wonderful job!


Blair said...

Thinking of your family today. My prayers are with you.

Elizabeth said...

It's very beautiful and touching.
Depending on how large the stone is, the crest should perhaps be a little bigger?
My prayers are with you on the anniversary today. May the Holy Spirit pour out His love on you and your family.

Emily said...

You and your family are in our prayers this week. God bless you all.

Sarah said...

Dear Regina,

I'm thinking about you & praying for you alot right now.

You don't know me but my husband showed me your blog (he had read your book) last July when we almost lost our baby, Augustine.

I struggled so much with my faith last year but statements you wrote (specifically those from Fr. Groeschell -- "one would never choose one's cross, but once it is lifted he should never put it down ...") helped me greatly.

Thinking about losing Joshua, I understand Jesus' suffering more. It's hard to explain but I do. I pray to Joshua and ask him to pray for my son. Joshua makes me long for heaven; he will help me become a saint in this longing.

God bless you through these high waters. May He carry you and be your strength.

Much Love, Sarah

WondrousPilgrim said...

regina: I think it's just beautiful--and I like the bare trees. The only thing I would change is, I would put the full dates, not just the years.

God bless you!

regina doman said...

Thanks everyone, so much for your comments.

I did have Ben put leaves on the trees, and a cross with the Sacred Heart in the middle. It looks beautiful. I'll have to post the final version when we send it.

Eileen said...

I think is beautiful.

Mary Ann said...

I do like it. I would add a cross (unless there is one in the family crest I can't make out?) and the dates (month and day) of his birth and death. It is beautiful.

Elena said...

I think it is lovely.

You are smart to take your time with this. A friend of mine lost a son in his 20s and it took her almost five years to find the perfect stone, but now she is so glad that she did.

God bless you and your family.