Thursday, July 19, 2007

Writer's Cloister...

This is my term for when I block out the outside world in order to do some (short term) intensue focus on a book. Right now my husband and I are self-publishing my three teen novels, The Shadow of the Bear, Black as Night, and the new (long-awaited) Waking Rose. The deadline is August 15th but of course we must have them to the printers long before then. So we are engaging in the madness of writing, editing, and typesetting three books at once. (Never again!) Our deadline is tomorrow, and if you could say a prayer for us and especially our (very patient) children, I would appreciate it deeply. The end is in sight, but there's a lot of work to do between now and Friday night. So please pray for us!

Thanks so much: be back soon.


regina doman said...

I just wanted to post these very kind words by Jeannine. Thanks so much, Jeannine (and be encouraged: having three small children is the most difficult time of child-rearing! It gets easier!):

I have been reading your blog since it first began, and, for some computer-related reason, I am unable to add comments to your posts, though I am so often moved to. So, I decided to e-mail a sort of a catch-up comment to let you know another Catholic mother finds your work incredibly beautiful and inspiring. I have wanted to comment on everything from your insightful Lenten clothing idea to your uplifting Easter ensemble (that jewelry was just gorgeous) to your encouragement to seek out live music whenever possible to your wonderful news that Victoria was to return to print. And, of course, I pray that Christ's peace rains down on you as you remember your precious boy.

I am home with just three, and I cannot imagine how you manage to maintain such a beautiful blog, but I am grateful that you do. Thank you and God bless you. Many prayers for a joyful pregnancy.

Grace and peace...

fineoldfamly said...

Well, gosh, what she said.

I've put a link to this site on my own blog (which I hope is ok), and spent some time today reviewing it as well. So I hope some more folks will discover this work of art, and all the works of art, large and small, which it chronicles.

Thanks for all your good work.


Sally Thomas

regina doman said...

Totally fine! And thank you!

Cay Gibson said...

You are in my prayers, Regina.

janetktc said...

I cannot wait to read Waking Rose. Well, I guess I can since I've been waiting a long time!

This is really exciting news.


Alice Gunther said...

I am chiming in late here, but want you to know how much my two eldest daughters love your books. Agnes (the 13 year old) was only just telling me yesterday how much she is looking forward to Waking Rose, and we had a whole discussion about possibilites for the plot while loading the dishwasher together.

We'll all be interested to see what you have in store.