Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Favorite Things: Colored Glass Bottles

For some time now, I've been collecting glass bottles in different colors. I'll pay for small bottles that are cobalt blue, light blue, or green (my price is no more than $3 per bottle - usually I pay $1 or less for the small ones at flea markets). The clear and brown glass ones just come my way from medications and herbal supplements. When arranged in a group or in a line on the counter (this is the backsplash of our stove), I like the color combination. And they're great for those times of year when small meadow flowers like dandelions or daisies bloom, tempting small children to bring their mommy a bouquet on every trip outdoors.


Flighty Girl said...

I'm a glass collector myself. Very cute presentation!

Mrs. T said...

Oh, that's lovely! I love bottles, too. Our roofer brought us a bunch last year, which his son apparently digs up nonstop (he also brought us old marbles in great quantity, which we put in a birdbath). We have some cobalt blue, some aquamarine-colored, and one really nifty round-bottomed (so, not a good vase) tall light-green one that apparently is a Civil-War-era wine bottle.

I put black-eyed Susans in mine, on the kitchen windowsill. But I love your backsplash.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! We live in Az. I have my Mother's Anitque Bottle Collection & I would love to find a Collector that would love the 'old' Sun-colored bottles of years ago. My Mother collected them from all over the U.S., in & around the 1930's. Do you know where the Best place to locate old Bottles would be? My Mother found them in many different city dumps.My email is hi-skill@cableone.net. Look forward to hear from you!