Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Joshua Memorial Stone: new

I wanted to post this revised version of Joshua's memorial stone to thank those of you who gave us feedback on the earlier version. As you can see, we added a Sacred Heart and cross to the stone, and Ben Hatke added leaves and mushrooms (in homage to hobbits). Here's a closeup of our family crest, which we created in fun with the Hatkes years ago, but which we're making official by including it on this gravestone. The Latin motto is "audacia et prudentia" - courage and prudence. The Siamese cat supposedly stands for courage: the black hen with an egg stands for prudence. The tree represents Christ, the stars represent the Church, and our Blessed Mother is represented by the moon.

It might take us two years to actually have the stone made, but I'm grateful to see the design completed at last. Thanks again for your suggestions and prayers!


Kristyn said...

Absolutely beautiful... personal and just the thing a boy would love to see with his name on it. Blessings.

Julie said...

Beautiful... thanks for sharing it and explaining your family crest!

Alice Gunther said...

Regina, I cannot get over the beauty and perfection of this stone design. It is so deeply religious and personal--each detail is so full of meaning and love for your precious little boy.

My prayers remain with you and your family.