Saturday, August 11, 2007

Plants of the Remnant

I kill houseplants. On a regular basis. But on the ledge of my kitchen window are the brave remnants of house plants who've survived a year in my presence. As you can see, they're mostly succulents, though two are plants that I was given for Joshua's funeral (which have all survived remarkably well: I am admiring the florists who stocks plants that are nearly impossible to assasinate). I collect simple statues of the Holy Family, and I was pleased to find this one in a thrift store last year. Perhaps their presence has a calming (and rejuvenating!) effect (I still forget to water).

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stephanie said...

I can relate...When I emptied the trash this morning I realized that several of my wastebaskets are from florist shops. The plants have been long-dead, but the decorative lined baskets they came in have been quite useful (and better than plastic!) :)