Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer Centerpiece: Blue, Orange, and Green

Contrary to what I just wrote on my site on Facebook, I admit that there are some times when the colors blue and orange look good together: such as in nature, exemplified by these tiger lilies in a cobalt-blue vase. The warm orange-brown of the saltshakers is also a nice complement. Okay, so I would never wear orange and blue together, but sometimes they do look just splendid. But for me, I need to add a splash of green. We usually think of dark green candles as being more appropriate for fall or Christmas, but I love how they combine with cobalt blue: during the hot days of summer, blue and green is the ultimate cooling combo. And I was delighted to find this unusual bright green homemade doily at a flea market (I always look through piles of old linens for finds like this one! It was only a dollar.).

Stay cool!

1 comment:

Matilda said...

Actually, blue and orange are opposite from each other on the color wheel therefore they are complimentary. Maybe just not your preference, though.