Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Favorite Things: William Morris prints

Years ago my friend Joan introduced me to the art and work of William Morris, the ecclectic genius of the Arts and Crafts movement of the last 1800's. Although not Catholic, Morris was fascinated by the art that was birthed by Catholic culture, and used his considerable fortune to fund the production of paintings, books, fabric, wallpaper, furniture, and architecture that paid homage to medieval art. He sought with mixed success to raise the level of popular culture in his day and age, away from mass production and towards the appreciation of what he considered to be true culture.

Ironically, he never embraced the faith of the intensely Christian culture he sought to emulate, but spent his life a child of the wind, flying from one philosophy to another. I suspect that if he was saved in the end, it would be because that his heart was wiser than his head.

Above is one of his popular patterns, Briarwood Manor, one of my favorites. Different companies release new versions of the patterns in fashionable colors each year. If I could find this particular pattern, which contains my favorite shades of red and green, in curtains for my kitchen, (and if I could afford it!) I would be truly delighted.

May the soul of William Morris rest in peace.

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faithemmanuel said...

I too love William Morris. I love visiting and dreaming at

I would suggest seeing what you could find, then scouring ebay!

You may be interested in Augustus Pugin, somewhat of a Catholic counterpart to William Morris.

Love your House Art Journal!
Faith Dauvin