Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Baby Birthday Treats

When a baby has a birthday in our family, there's certain things I like to do to celebrate. While I'm not a "no-sugar" mom, I definitely am interested in limiting my two-year-old's intake of celebratory sucrose, just so that the day after birthday day is not a sick day. :) And while I love presents as much as the next birthday person, it never seems right to burden a baby with big presents on a birthday.

So here's roughly what I do for a toddler birthday, particularly one where there is no party outside of a family party: I buy balloons. One big mylar balloon for a one-year old, or two balloons for a two-year-old. The balloons aren't decoration: they're presents. If you don't know what I mean, watch a baby with a balloon sometime and you'll understand that these fascinating items are actually transient, disposable toys that give delight for a day or two, then vanish, just like a birthday.

Another great birthday treat is croissants: I bought my toddler a box of fresh ones this morning and christened them "birthday bread." Cheddar cheese, clementine oranges, and bananas finished off our birthday brunch, together with a bottle of Turkey Hill Peach Tea. (We were on the run this morning: normally it would be a berry tea from Celestial Seasonings, warmed up!)

After dinner, our baby is receiving two pairs of new shoes (which she loves) from her godmothers, and some assorted "presents" her brothers and sisters have found and wrapped up for her. And of course we'll have a birthday cake. By that time, I won't mind giving her sugar. :)


bonnie: said...

*Great* idea about the balloon & croissants. My baby will be 1 this month, and I've been wondering how to celebrate. She's going to love her balloon (and the shoes I picked up for her at goodwill!).

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to your little two year old! What wonderful gift ideas!

regina doman said...

You're very welcome!

I forgot to mention in the post that of course, balloons should never be given to babies without supervision ... (though of course doesn't that go for everything you give to babies???)

MOm said...

Beware Regina, what you have started, you may not be able to stop...our version of "birthday bread" was "birthday buns" - chelsea buns made with biscuit dough (faster) instead of a yeast dough. (What ever you call them in your part of the world, chelsea buns are a rectangle of dough spread with nuts, raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar and melted butter, rolled, sliced and baked.)
The kids always loved them, and they instantly became an indispensible tradition - to the extent that now spouses, girl friends etc of grown-and-gone-kids call me to find out how to make them!

janetktc said...

Well, I don't really have anything to say, but the "word verification" that I have to type to post a comment contains all the letter of my last name in order, so I can't resist.

Tina said...

My aunt gave my daughter a box of Kleenex for her first birthday. Yes, a jumbo sized, safari themed box of Kleenex. Of. Her. Very. Own. Wrapped in pink tissue. Oh the bliss!

Rachel looked back and forth from me to the box for about 20 second and then tore into it. She was sticky from cupcake icing, so she got built up handfuls of kleenex stuck in her hands. Her Baba (my Ukrainian grandmother) was sitting next to her, and the two of them squealed and laughed and screamed until they were both crying with joy and the box was empty.

regina doman said...

I love it!!!!!!

WondrousPilgrim said...

What a great idea about balloons. There's a wonderful picture book about a little girl and her balloon that I try to tell everyone about. it's called Emily's Baloon, and it is by Komako Sakai. It's beautiful.