Thursday, November 08, 2007

Second-Generation Rennovators

We had an interesting All Saint's Day, starting when I came upstairs and found broken drop-ceiling tiles on our girls' room floor. "Um, Mom... could we take down our ceiling?" my daughters asked. Apparently it had been bothering them as much as it has been bothering us. Drop ceilings can be very nice in their own way, but they certainly can look out of place in a farmhouse bedroom. So my husband and I said yes. And after I made them cover their furniture with bedsheets, the girls went to town

I had to help them, of course, but with the help of a hammer and claw, it only took about two hours, including piling all the tiles in the garage and putting the twisted metal frames into the truck to go to the metal recycling factory and vaccumming the room. And now the ceiling looks like this:

Ascetically, it doesn't look great, though I feel at last like there's "breathing room" in their little bedroom, whose ceiling always felt cramped to me. But a few sheets of 12' drywall (we have a stack in our garage right now: we are drywalling the addition) and a visit from our electrician to reroute the wire on the ceiling light will do wonders. We warned the girls before they started wrecking that they might have to live with the results of the demolition for a while: but that didn't dissuade them. Which lets me know that, much as I worry about passing on our values to our children, we don't need to worry about their not inheriting our Rennovating drive. :)


Flighty Girl said...

Honestly, the ceiling looks better after their demo than those icky acoustic tiles. Good for them. Just call it "shabby-chic" ;)

Rebecca said...

How old is your farmhouse? From your pic it looks like you have the wonderful plaster walls. My house was built in 1910 and the walls are plaster. Do you have cracks? What have you done about them?

regina doman said...

The original part of the house where the girls have their bedroom was built in 1891. I think that the bottom part of the walls were actually drywalled over paneling. We took the paneling off the walls on one part of an adjoining room to put in a door, and found the plaster was really a mess. :(

Kristyn said...

I hate drop ceilings! It was one happy day when we pulled ours out of the dining room. It was a good thing we did, too... the previous owners had re-routed the wiring to accommodate track lighting (another hate of mine!!!) and had used duct tape. God protected us every time we turned the lights on. Now we have a lovely hanging lamp over the table and a normal ceiling and it looks so much nicer. Your girls will love it when their room is done, too! Smart young ladies, they are.
God bless.