Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Small Gift for a Small Girl

Last Christmas, I decided to buy my older girls "heirloom quality" dolls, as they were both reaching the age where they can take better care of their playthings. Plus, (deep sigh) I know that my oldest girl's time with dolls is limited as she will pass the age of ten this coming year. I chose Nova Natural's Peruvian-made dolls as their present. The dolls were an investment, but they are still gorgeous, have held up well after a year's worth of playing, and the girls still refer to them affectionately.

The problem was that my youngest daughter, age 2, loves the dolls as well, but I wasn't so willing to buy her a 14" doll. First of all, there was the cost: secondly, from a beauty-lover's point of view, a larger doll just doesn't look right being hauled around by a toddler. So I went hunting for a smaller doll.

And once again, Nova Natural solved my problem by choosing to introduce the Kusi doll this year. I snuck my doll out of its Christmas wrapping paper to give you all a sneak peek.

This sweet little wool-stuffed doll is made by the same cooperative of Peruvian moms as the larger dolls, and has the same fine quality. The hair is braidable and tightly sewn to the head: she's fully jointed, something that I know, as a dollmaker, is tricky to pull off! Plus she comes with a removable jumper, shirt, underpants, as well hand-knitted socks. And she's petite: a mere 9 1/4" tall.

A word on the price: while I know the price is still high, the doll is comparable in price to the German-made Kathe Kruse dolls, plus the money goes into the pockets of hardworking moms in Peru instead of into the coffers of an international toy conglomerate.

Anyhow, I honestly can't wait to see my daughter open up her box on Christmas morning and see this little one. God bless your Christmas shopping!


LeeAnn said...

I also look forward to seeing the look on my daughter's face when she unwraps her new Nova Natural doll this week (December birthday). I bought the blonde 14" doll for my soon-to-be 8-year-old. Beyond the doll, a book and a trio of wooden figures (princess, baby in cradle and a motherly market woman) are her only birthday gifts this year.

I used to buy so much more stuff for them, but over time have gotten more comfortable with giving fewer, better quality gifts. My budget has actually decreased but I'm giving nicer gifts! It helps too that my girls now have more understanding of what quality is--thanks to the media and all the reports of sub-standard, lead-painted toys.

The doll days go quickly! I bought the little castle dolls (one each of the princess, queen and lady in waiting) for my three girls' stockings as well. The Waldorf dolls have held my 10 year old's interest far longer than Barbie ever did.

My other favorite source for Waldorf dolls is Ulrike Seckler (a one woman operation--fewer items for sale) who sells through etsy as "germandolls." Very nice smaller Waldorf baby dolls!

twosacredhearts said...

I just loved the Nova Natural website. I bought 12 gifts this morning and am so satisfied with my purchases! I am feeling more comfortable, like Leeann, giving fewer better quality gifts. I am so happy to have found precious and natural wooden boats!
Thank you for including where you locate your precious finds. I really appreciate it. It is nice to refer back to your site when I need items.(I am looking forward to buying dyes this Spring from Dharma )
God Bless,