Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Entrace to Snow White's house

"I think that if a real princess was lost in this moden world, and she could be whatever she wanted, she would be a musician." - Blanche in The Shadow of the Bear, 2007

My "Snow White" friend actually is a musician, among her many accomplishments. Thanks to a musically-inclined mother, she and several of her sisters are all accomplished harpists -- and now she is teaching her own daughters the art of playing the harp. The harp is a lovely instrument to look at as well as to listen to. My friend owns several harps, and one sits to the right of her doorway. Original artwork and a generous amount of books fill in the spaces.

The colonial-era restored home that she and her husband own is blessed with deep windowsills. My friend has arranged artful displays in many of the window bays. On either side of the door is a potted succulent plant. When I first knew her in high school, she owned these plants, which were short little plants. Now they are practically the size of dwarf trees -- and more beautiful than ever. They are a testimony to my friend's careful and consistent care, one of the elements I love about her character.


Elizabeth said...

How peaceful and tranquil this house looks! Beautiful! I look forwards to seeing more pictures!

Kathryn said...

Okay, I'm ready to move right on in!
The boys are avidly reading your books now and I've been ordered to read the series as our next read aloud, after Prince Caspian!

Mrs. T said...

What a beautiful house! And I love how you've managed to capture the quality of the light, too. I haven't mastered that with my digital camera yet.

I love bright colors, and my house has quite a bit of red, but I find myself really drawn to this Snow White house and its quietness.

Mrs. T said...

OK, and a question -- I love this house, especially the wall color in these photos. What shade of green would you say this is? I love green, but never feel confident of getting it right. I had a green kitchen in a previous house, but it was a little too minty.

This looks like exactly what I'd like (we're moving, so I'll get to do a whole new round of painting, having just painted a lot of my current house) -- but what is it? I feel like an idiot asking, but when I look at paint samples, I'm never sure that a given shade is even close to something I've admired on somebody's walls.

Again, this is just so beautiful. I have loved looking at these pictures. Thanks for the whole series!