Monday, January 14, 2008

The Homes of Snow White & Rose Red

The welcoming living room of "Snow White's" country home

This post will take some explaining: my first book, The Shadow of the Bear is a modern retelling of the fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red." It deals with the adventures of two sisters, Blanche (Snow White) and Rose (Rose Red), who live in New York City and befriend a mysterious young man known as "Bear." The book has become a favorite with many young readers, and people have frequently asked me: who are Blanche and Rose based on? Well, both characters are composites of several sisters I have known, but in my mind, the initial inspiration came from two of my friends, who are friends with one another but not sisters. Anyhow, these two girls, the original "Blanche" and "Rose," have grown up, married, and are in the process of raising their families. And both continue to be my friends and inspirations. And both of them have unique home decorating styles, very different but I love them both, just as I love the very different personalities of the sisters Blanche and Rose.

When I was home at Thanksgiving, I visited the homes of both friends and begged to take photographs. As I looked over the photos, it struck me that fans of my books would look at the homes and see them as plausible conjectures as to what the homes of "Blanche" and "Rose" would look like, if the characters actually existed and had homes of their own.

So -- that is my introduction to this series, the homes of "Snow White and Rose Red." I hope that even those of you who haven't read the books will at least enjoy the home tours!


Heather Schieder said...

Hi Regina,
You take the most beautiful pictures!! Thanks for always giving us something lovely to look at.

Journey of Truth said...

I just ordered Shadow of the Bear today, because I was ordering a replacement copy of Sheen's Three To Get Married for my parish, which I had accidentally dumped coffee all over while engaged in the Wii. I can't wait to read it and let my daughter read it, too.


P.S. Can I buy the books direct from you? I mean, the others?

regina doman said...


JOT, you can buy them from me by going to and following the links. I hope you enjoy them!

Journey of Truth said...

Thanks a bunch! I'm always reading and always looking for something different for my daughter, who is an avid HP fan (nothing wrong there, but she'd read each book about 14 times and getting fanatical). :-)


Mercie said...

How happy I am to have stumbled in here. Your pictures are a delight, and I look forward to discovering your stories as well.