Friday, January 18, 2008

Rose Red's House: Living Color

"Rose had long, shining red hair (and)...always wore bright colors -- blue, purple, gold, and green; she was like a bright new color herself, vibrant and alive." -- The Shadow of the Bear: Snow White and Rose Red Retold, 1997*

Unfortunately I don't have as many pictures of my "Rose Red" friend's house, but I love it as much as Snow White's. Like Rose Brier, the character she inspired, my friend loves bright, strong colors, and always has, despite the fact that, growing up, she was told by fashion mavens *not* to wear such colors, with her auburn hair. But my friend, always the nonconformist, fearlessly wore those colors anyhow. And after she married, she decorated the home she shares with her artist husband in the same daringly dramatic manner. I love her use of Tiffany glass (her husband works in stained glass), the antique sofa she found and had reupholstered, her red velvet curtains, hanging lamps, and unicorn tapestry over the fireplace. The house they share with their two toddlers is furnished with her and her husband's artwork (she is an accomplished painter and potter) and has many touches of their own artistic style. While the "house tour" of their home will be more brief, I hope you find it just as enjoyable!

*I cut this line out of the 2008 edition of my book: it just doesn't flow: but I wanted to pay homage to it here.


elena maria vidal said...

I had a red-headed friend who defied convention and always wore strong bright colors, such as orange and rose. She looked great!

I love the house tours, Regina! Very charming!

Kristyn said...

I love any color as long as it's red! :o) My bedroom is red, but I find it creeping out into the kitchen, dining room, living room... it's just too pretty not to play with just a little.