Thursday, January 10, 2008

Snow White and Rose Red Dolls

I suppose it's safe to say that my favorite fairy tale is the little-known "Snow White and Rose Red," by the Brothers Grimm. And as some of you know, my first book was titled, Snow White and Rose Red: A Modern Fairy Tale, currently titled The Shadow of the Bear: Snow White and Rose Red Retold. My friends know how fond I am of the story, which has sort of become our family "signature." I've tried to pass some of that on to my children.

A few years ago, I gave these dolls to my daughters for Christmas: I had bought them from Nova Natural and christened them "Rose Red" and "Snow White." I had the dolls star a retelling of the Madge Miller version of "Snow White and Rose Red" which can be found here on my website.

Last winter, I did some repair work on the dolls and stitched new dresses for them, since my girls are still putting them in weekly play use. And I thought I'd take a picture of the ladies in their dresses, since they are both aging gracefully, though Snow White needs a new wire in her arm.

This picture will also serve as an introduction to a series I thought I'd do this January. My birthday's in January, so I decided to take a month to do something on my favorite things. And what a better theme than my favorite fairy tale? More coming...

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