Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow White's House: A Genius For Still Life

One thing I love about my "Snow White" friend's house is how she can arrange everyday useful objects in such a way that they resemble small works of art. A good example is in the downstairs bathroom of her house. A spacious wooden shelf hangs over the commode, holding useful everyday items on the lower shelf: mirrors, a box of tissues, and toiletries in a wooden basket. Folded washcloths and cosmetics are aranged on shallow wooden trays on the second shelf. The top shelf holds more decorative elements and spare liquid soaps. Less pretty items are stored in the vanity cabinet beneath the sink. The orderly arrangement of the objects and using trays to divide them keeps everything from looking cluttered.

A few other inspired touches liven the small room. Shells are coupled in a metal soapdish on the wall. And other chunks of marbleized and speckled soap are mixed with river rocks in a slotted dish. I love how this solves the problem of unsightly small chunks of soap, camoflauging them by grouping them with pretty stones.

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All things bright & beautiful... said...

I love this kind of decoration - very effective.