Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow White's House: Garden Bathroom

The master bedroom in my "Snow White" friend's house overlooks the gardens. In addition, my friend has brought a bit of the garden indoors with ample plantings in the windows. African violets and other moisture-loving plants enjoy the sunny windows and moist air of the little alcove off the main bedroom. The old-fashioned tub is perfect for soaking. Although there are no closets, an open shelf holds towels, and a picture of the Blessed Mother and Child and candle on a pretty plate oversees the little nook from its top.


Kristyn said...

Love that tub!

Exspectantes said...

These are lovely photos! I am storing away ideas for when we move into a larger residence. Thank you and to Rose Red and Snow White for letting their beauty and creativity be posted:)

Mrs. T said...

I have long thought that where I really, really want to live (and what I hope Heaven will be like) is Rivendell. Snow White's house seems like Rivendell to me.