Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Moment of Humor: Nesting Boxes

My husband built some nesting boxes on the side of our garage for the chickens to lay eggs in. And now that the air is intoxicated with spring, the chickens have started to use them again. But, as my husband discovered when he went for a walk this afternoon, the hens aren't the only ones taking advantage of these comfortable sunny boxes.


Maryanne said...

Hi Regina....this is your auntie you still have your peacocks? I was thinking of them the other day and was wondering if you still have them. Also I love your puddy cat. He or she is a cutie pie. Love you!

Mary Catherine said...

That's hilarious! I assume there aren't any eggs under the cat, though if they are, some chicken's in for quite a surprise when she decides to go brood.

Are those naked-necked chickens better for eggs than, say, Rhode Island Reds?

Ouiz said...

Too funny!

twosacredhearts said...

There may not be peace in the world, yet, but there was at this exact moment. Those animals faces tell it all.
God is good.:)