Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Colors of Spring: Blue and Pink

As I've mentioned before, my three favorite decorating colors are red, blue and green, and I naturally try to fit everything in my house into that scheme. I didn't mention that I use the lighter shades of all those colors as well, so light blue and pink are "within my scheme." Shifting from hue to hue between seasons becomes easy then.

Pink is a natural spring color, and this year I'm going to try to pair it with blue. To inspire me, I collected some coordinating jewelry from my cache to add to my dresser display for the season, going with my usual theme of decorating with useful things. In my basket are: (clockwise) a pink apple blossom resin pin created by a local woodcarver; a sparkly vintage blue-flower pin (unusual, so it caught my eye at a garage sale a few years back); a pink beaded necklace I bought in high school whose hue, although merely plastic and paint, continues to enchant me; a blue glass bead necklace made out of a broken rosary (my husband gave it to me as a Christmas present and I wanted to keep it even after our children had lost nearly all its pieces); and blue-purple-pink cloisonne earrings I made myself some years ago.

Enjoy the spring colors in your own life!


Mrs. Hall said...

Those colors say "babies" to me. I don't care for pastels much, unless it is baby boy blue or baby girl pink. :o)

regina doman said...

Actually neither is really a pastel: (not sure what the colors look like on your monitor) the pink is a coral (I have a matching shirt) and the blue is a pretty strong aquamarine type of blue. I wear them with dark brown or black or khaki.

It all depends on what you wear them with!