Friday, May 16, 2008

Favorite Things: Wooden Baby Rattles

Readers know my love for wooden toys. I particularly love to give my babies quality wooden rattles. But a typical Haba or Selecta rattle (to pick two of the best German-made companies) costs about $10-$15. Getting around this cost barrier has always been a problem. So what I did was to buy an expensive rattle every Christmas or Easter for the baby in the family. Now, after seven babies, I have a bit of a collection! I don't take them out of the house, and store them away as soon as the baby's done with them. Here are some of the ones that have survived: they make a cheerful collection in a basket near the baby's bed.

I tried to look these up online but discovered lots of them are no longer in production! However, there are lots of similar ones still to be found. Clockwise from the Rabbit (who was a gift from Italy: I have no idea where to get him!): a discontinuted whirly rattle, "Trix" (from Magic Cabin Dolls), "Moby" (the fish, from MonkeyBeanToys, which is a fun toy for grownups as well), "The Ring of Clowns" (which I got from a boutique store, but can't find online), a discontinued wooden ball similar to this one on Amazon), a discontinued HABA spiral rattle, and a discontinued round rattle (similar to this one from Selecta).

Also don't forget to consider the "Sqwish" rattle, which I've found twice at thrift stores, and which is the best 'first' rattle. Infants love it because it looks so big but yet is so light for them to pick up. For good deals, check eBay and (most recently) Amazon. Just search under "Haba" or "Selecta" and you'll find lots to choose from! And if the prices put you off, remember that your baby will be delighted with just one of them.


Sandy G. said...

Dearest Regina:

Oh, how dearly do I miss your delightful family! The blessing of being able to walk together for 24 weeks will forever be imbedded in my memory. How much fun we had, and how much I learned from each of you! Kisses to the kids!

I truly will enjoy seeing you again and getting to hold your new Liberty of London person. It promises to be beautiful. The picture of the pink oil lamp and blue vase is gorgeous, is one that deserves to be sold to many.

Have a safe and fun trip to the Home-school convention.

Peace to you,

Sandy G.

Heather said...

Hi Regina,
I'm definately interested! Over the last year, I've been trying to weed the plastic toys out of my home and replace them with nice wooden ones. I LOVE German made toys as youngest, Lucie, has a little Kathe Kruse dolly with a wooden ring for teething. She's only six months old, but she LOVES that doll!Any advice you can give would be appreciated!

Mary said...

Pretty! I haven't read much yet but I'm going to. I just started reading from the top, saw the name at the bottom of the post, and was astonished! I "met" you through Gilbert Magazine's interview and have since read your novels--they are charming, and as far as I can think, they are the only novels I've ever read that are for younger readers and have main characters who are Catholic. Cheers!

Mrs. T said...

Love that picture. Our oldest daughter is blessed with a German godfather, and we have many wooden rattles and baby toys which have come down through the children. In fact, though we didn't actually get it from that godfather, we have that multicolored wooden-bead "bracelet" thing in the middle of your basket -- how funny! The others are banging around someplace in the house, sadly without a baby to play with them!