Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Purse Diary: I Won It!

I thought I'd start a little diary about my quest for a summer purse. Seeing that patchwork is "in" this season, I thought I'd try my hand at making a patchwork purse, since I can't decide on a color. Maybe with brown trim and lining ... can't decide!

The first step was accquiring the fabric, and of course, it had to be Liberty of London. Above are the 100 squares I just won on ebay from "Penny" in England. She emailed this morning to say she'd just "posted" them this morning (ah, the British!). I will be anxiously awaiting them: my goal is to make the purse before the Illinois Homeschool Conference on May 23 (which we leave for on the 22nd). Will I succeed? Only time will tell. The race to find the other materials I need begins now.


Elizabeth said...

Lovely! But where does the mother of a newborn find the time to patchwork?

I love your blog, btw. A question: do you *really* only give your children wooden/beautiful toys? What about Lego?!

regina doman said...

Hi Elizabeth! Cool blog you have, too! I didn't realize I was being read by an actual Britisher. :)

I made a patchwork quilt for Polly by hand when I was expecting, because I was part of a co-op where I had four hours of just sitting and watching several very well-behaved children in the nursery. Since I'm ADD, I started doing a quilt by hand to give my hands something to do.

But I'm planning on doing this purse by machine, because of the short time frame. As for the time, I will do it during the time I do all my fun things: when I don't actually have time (ie: I should be doing something else). :)

In this case, I just finished my fourth book, and all during the rewrite, I was promising myself some good sewing projects as a reward for finishing it. Now I'm enjoying my treat. :)

As for toys, yes, I try to only give my kids wooden/beautiful toys. But we do have Playmobil that comes out occasionally. As for Legos, they just never caught on around here. My oldest son (now 12) had some, but they were never all in one place, just scattered here, there, everywhere. So one day we threw them all out and he didn't even notice. Hence, no more Legos. At least not now. He preferred science experiments and catching frogs, and now (the inevitable) video games. (Deep sigh) We held him back from video games for the longest time, but now that he's older, we let him do them after his chores.

Thanks for reading!