Monday, May 12, 2008

Vintage Catholic Cards

Although they were never a part of my post-Vatican II childhood, pastel images of Catholic devotional subjects were very much a part of my mother's growing-up, and, being a daily communicant from an early age, she held onto them and passed on several pieces to me. They resonate with the child within me: although I prefer sterner and starker images of the Divine, I love the homey and comforting prettiness of these images, that reminds me of Tasha Tudor's illustrations.

I finally got a chance to frame this sympathy card of the Crucifixion, which is inscribed "To Regina" on the reverse (Regina is my aunt). I had it on my dresser during Lent. I paired it with a newer version of an old image: thanks to the resurgence of interest in vintage Catholic memorabilia, I was given this pretty card along with a baby medal of Our Lady when one of my children was born.


Mrs. Hall said...

The soft colors are lovely. I think these are the kinds of pictures that, if we just happen to have them around, draw the younger children to look at them and ponder.

Suzanne said...

My mother starting recycling old cards initially out of desperation. She's older and wheelchair bound and cannot get to the store to select cards of her own choosing. When her stash of blank cards ran out, she turned to the older ones that she had been given.

She sends the ones from "Mother" to us children on the proper occasions and the one's signed "Memere" (grandmother) to the grandchildren. I LOVE receiving these beautiful old cards...a very special kind of heirloom.

Mary said...

Perhaps you already have, but maybe you could do a post sometime on the "sterner and starker" images which draw you more. I'm interested.