Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Father's Day

For Father's Day, I usually clean the garage for my husband and organize his tools. This year I was finally able to put up some shelving in our new garage addition (which we are still insulating and drywalling: ah, construction is slow when you do it yourself...). The shelves are made of pieces of our old bed, and the lower shelf is held up with decorative brackets I bought from Lowes several months ago and never used. (I did buy 89-cent brackets for the other shelves, spray-painted black.) An old ladder that has been in our scrap pile for years became a table with the addition of old plywood on top and cinderblocks below, and I leaned a wrought-iron fireplace door against the wall to hold sunglasses. (Okay, I mainly did it because it looked pretty.) I was pleased when a strip of short coat pegs found a new job holding hammers and the cordless drill.

Even if garages can't be particularly pretty, at least they can look slightly decorative. Happy (belated!) Father's Day to all our husbands and fathers out there!

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