Monday, June 02, 2008

Purse Diary: Nighttime Sewing Marathon #1

"When it's time to go... you don't sew," my husband intones to me when we're getting ready for a trip. Since we were going on vacation right after a conference, I knew I had to get my purse made ahead of time: no sewing marathon the night before we left! So I worked late into the night several nights BEFORE we left. :) I'm sorry I haven't had time to post these pictures till now!

First I took some purses that I had bought for .75 apiece at the thrift store and looked at them. I hate making all the small compartments with zippers, yet I need my purse to have them. So to save time, I decided to gut an existing purse. I decided that the one on the right would do nicely.

So I took scissors and cut the lining out of the purse. A little tricky, but I did it!

Here's the lining! It had three compartments and I decided I liked the size and shape.

So I put it on some scrap upholstery material I had, and "wrapped" it to make a bag.

Here's the bag: it's basically a rectangle folded in half with the sides sewn. I put the lining inside it, and then filled it with the contents of my purse, to make sure everything would fit and that it was big enough. Do you see the corners sticking out at the base? My next step was to fold those corners inside and sew them down, so that the purse had a box shape, like a grocery bag. I'll post some more tomorrow.

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Mrs. Hall said...

What a great idea! I have a purse that has great insides but the outside is begging for a makeover. Very clever! :o)