Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Bowl of Cherries

If life was a bowl of cherries, it would be sweet indeed. We went cherry picking at Hartland Orchards on Sunday (we managed to hit the last day of cherry picking and the first day of blueberry picking at the same time: what a bonus!). I wish I had bought my camera: I don't think I ever appreciated before how red cherries are: almost too red to be believed. Red cherries filmed by pale green leaves glowing against perfect blue skies was a sight I would have loved to capture.

So I am settling for this more prosaic shot of cherries in a bowl, whose subtle variations of red are still enchanting.

Also this photo documents my latest conquest: spotting a good price on a set of vintage green Hull pottery! I am happily awash in green bowls these days.


Julie said...

Oh, I love the green bowl... and the cherries look delicious! We just went strawberry picking a week ago and I am looking forward to blueberry season at the end of the month. I've never been cherry picking-- I should check to see if our farm has them.

LeeAnn said...

Beautiful cherries! I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed "Waking Rose." Well done! Twelve dancing princesses was always my *favorite* fairy tale and I sort of hoped I would get around to writing my own take on it someday. Now I won't have to. Can't wait to get my hand on "The Midnight Dancers." OK, I know this isn't your book blog.... :) I liked the descriptions of Rose's shopping trips and clothing ensembles. It seems she goes shopping with her guardian angel, too.