Tuesday, August 12, 2008

China Cabinet: Summer display

As blog readers know, I delight in colored glass containers. This is one case in which my photography skills limp pitifully behind the image I wanted to share with you. Next to my desk is an old gun case we converted to a china cabinet/bookshelf. I normally use it for displaying my silver. This summer I thought I would mix in my collection of blue glass mason jars, pink depression glass, a set of green-glass goblets my mother bought me, and my assortment of glass jars and flower vases. I really wish I had glass shelves to set off the colored glass to full advantage, or at least a better flash on my camera. :( However, it looks wonderful in real life, particularly as a mental subsitute for the sumptuous Ventetian glass chandelier I will never own.


Mrs. Hall said...

This is the honest truth... I like your cabinet better than I like the chandelier. The chandelier is beautiful and while I can admire it, it just doesn't say "home."
(I love colored glass, too... I am a fool for cranberry glass in particular.)

regina doman said...

Oh, I know. I don't know what I'd do with such a chandelier if I had one. However, given that this is a fallen world, it doesn't stop me from *wanting* one. :)

I am glad you like my cabinet.