Monday, September 15, 2008

Corner Spot

This fall we have gotten our homeschool/meeting room to a nearly-finished stage (almost all the drywall is up!) so our homeschool cabinet traveled upstairs at last. And I moved my cedar chest (which I have been refinishing for years) next to our dining room table. Coincidentally, I won an Antibes Shelf from Ballard Designs on Ebay, and it turned out to be the perfect focal point for this little spot.
I moved a few favorite pieces to the area: my husband's wrought-iron lantern I bought him as a gift, a set of nesting flower bowls, an original scratchboard illuminated poem by Canadian artist Sarah Hockin, pottery glasses from our wedding, a silver tray, and my prize "real china teaset with pictures all in blue" that my children and I bought at Christmastime years ago. I spray-painted black the picture frame of an illuminated George Herbert poem by Canadian artist Sarah Hockin, and it fit perfectly. My husband was so charmed by the arrangement he made a special request that I blog it for him. Right now the scheme is green-and-blue (we are still in summer). I expect I'll change some of the pieces as the weather chills and I bring out my reds-and-greens for Christmas. But enjoy!


Mary Catherine said...

I can't read the poem, but the illustration looks like it should be The Starlit Night. Is it?

Mary Ellen Barrett said...

How very pretty!

regina doman said...

The poem is actually by George Herbert (my bad). I changed the post to include a link to the text so you can read it. Enjoy!

messy bessy said...

I have so loved your website, and this beautiful picture only serves as another example of why. Thanks for sharing your house art. It is truly inspiring and lovely.