Thursday, September 11, 2008

Humble Homage to Mother Teresa

My friend Melissa Yoder Ricks has her own fibercraft business, Wildhare Fiber Studio. A Catholic convert and expert knitter and spinner, Melissa creates unique yarns and knittings while raising her large family. I was captivated by these potholders she designed in honor of Mother Teresa and our Lady. On her Etsy store, she writes:
For her habit, Mother Teresa adopted a simple and inexpensive sari like those worn by the low caste Indians that she ministered to. This sari - white, with a vivid blue border - became known throughout the world, and is the inspiration for the first of the two dishclothes in this listing.
The second dishcloth is knit in Trinity Stitch in varigated blue cotton yarn. Blue has traditionally stood for fidelity and purity, and is the color traditionally associated with the Virgin Mary. The nobby texture of the Trinity Stitch makes a good cloth for scrubbing.
Mother Teresa believed that we are all called to service, whatever our station in life, and she embraced hard work and menial chores done with love in the willing service of others. Ideas upon which to reflect while doing the dishes...
Check out Wildhare Fiber Studio, if you're looking for a unique Christmas gift knitted with love. And her blog is if you share Melissa's love of fiber arts and family.

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Hummingbirder said...

Thank you, Regina, for sharing about Melissa's business. She has beautiful products! I have a bunch of natural yarns that we're given to me if you want to do some bartering! :)