Monday, October 06, 2008

A Visit to Sylvan Hollow: Small girls' bedroom

Since I started this post, I've learned that Clare and Nick were blessed with the birth of little Isabel. (Click here for the post!) So it seems fitting to post about the sweet bedroom Clare created for their daughters.

I forget where Clare said she had acquired this cheerful Japanese-inspired picture of white rabbits, but she admits she created the entire bedroom color scheme around this picture: pale robin's egg blue, red, spring green, and white.IKEA provided the foundation, as Clare purchased her curtains, bedroom drapes, rug, and accessories from their children's collection, but added her own homemade touches of pillows and quilt. The changing table provides print-covered storage, and the window features a quintet of paper stained-glass cutouts made by Mommy.

The salvaged bookshelf features different colored shelves and a wallpaper background to provide a happy home for fairytale-themed books and toys, and someday it might grow into a dollhouse apartment building? There's room for expansion indeed in this little girls' room.


Clare said...

Hi Regina! Thanks for such sweet posts about our house! :) Stop by whenever you like! This baby is so good I am starting to get bored :) Hope your family is doing great!!


Claire said...

Don't think I've commented before, but I have been enjoying this site so much. This cheerful room reminds me of the love and care my own mother put into the decoration of my room when I was small.