Monday, November 03, 2008

Drawer Organization

When it came time to organize that catchall-of-catchalls, the top bureau drawer of my dresser, I longed to have money to buy sleek wire organizers. But being short of cash as usual, I started using old trays and candy boxes, and lo and behold, I liked the result so much better. I just started with a stack of shallow wooden and cardboard boxes and trays. I divided the things that "live" in my top drawer into different piles, then put each pile into a box or box lid corresponding to the proper size. Then I just arranged the boxes and lids in the drawer, adding smaller boxes and trays and favorite things to fill out the space and keep things from sliding around.

So the contents are (from left to right) my fall scarves, my spare eyeglass case, a hand mirror, and a wood cigar box with snack baggies of jewelry (divided up according to style and color: I am becoming my mother!). Polly's baby socks and shoes dwell in a basket and box in the middle of the drawer: below them are special pieces of jewelry in cases and some Catholic keepsakes. Even my inhaler has a home beneath my miniature journals, and all my hair necessities are on a bright red tray at the bottom so I can grab them without fully opening the drawer.

So far the items in the drawer have been fairly-well-behaved even after several months: though the scarves and socks get messy, it's never been easier to find my jewelry!


Leila said...

Very sweet! Good job finding organizers!

Today I took pictures of my kitchen drawers. I am particularly proud of the "junk" drawer which I organized using food containers that had lost their lids.

I'll have to post about that soon in the spirit of your drawers! But instead of pretty scarves and jewelry, it's toothpicks and batteries :)

Kristyn said...

I have always kept the baby's socks in my top drawer with my things. It will be a sad day when there are no baby things taking up space there.

Clare Krishan said...

Lovely - I do something similar - I use the two halves of a long slender gift box that held a wrist watch to align a lot of smaller gift box pieces in the top drawer of the organizer hanging in our modern townhome's built-in closet - whenever I come across suitably miniature cartons I retain those too and shuffle the mosaic a bit more! I don't mix textiles and jewelry tho,' I have a separate drawer for delicate items like scarves and lacey tops - here I use hand-me down cosmetic purses and toiletry bags to keep each item tangle and dust free, with the added benefit that each item retains a trace of the scent of the soap bars (collected on hubbies business trips) placed within their folds.

God Bless!

Lynn said...

Art. Definitely art. Definitely. I hope you glued everything down!

Annabelle Echo said...

I find it so hard to stay organized in this world with so many things... and you manage it with 7 kids! This blog is very nice.

regina doman said...

Thanks! I should mention that part of the reason for the potpourri of objects in one drawer is that my dresser is an antique-y kind with two fat drawers and one very shallow drawer on top. Right now our bedroom is on the small side, with all the furniture shoehorned into place, and no closets. :) So I'm constrained in having places to put things, and have to keep moving things I wear in and out of storage since daily storage space is limited.

I would actually love to see photos of anyone's drawers: Leila and Clare, I'd love to see yours!

Leila said...

Well, I hope you aren't disappointed at my posting -- it's not art! But it is drawers :)