Monday, December 08, 2008

Ave Fit Ex Eva!

Happy feast of the Immaculate Conception! Today at Mass I had an inspiration to pick up a few little treats to celebrate our Lady's conception. For afternoon snack I served soda clear as water in honor of Mary's purity, oranges for the flames of the Holy Spirit, and yoghurt-covered pretzels that remind us of the Virgin's arms crossed in prayer. Silver and a blue-silk scarf for our statue of our Lady completed the place setting. The medieval song delighted in the palindrome of "Eva" becoming "Ave": Mary's "yes" reversed Eve's "no," just as the Latin "Eva" (Eve) spelled in reverse is "Ave" (Hail, the first word of the Angelic Salutation).

So today we sing with the medievals, "Ave has come out of Eva!" Ave Fit Ex Eva!


Leila said...

Thanks for showing this!

Julie said...

Great snack ideas to help celebrate Mary's conception! I enjoyed seeing you on Life on the Rock last Thursday... it's always fun to be able to connect a name with a voice and a face!

Kristyn said...

I never thought of the Eva/Ave palindrome... That is really neat and something to share with my kids today.
Your table setting is lovely as always.
I am sure Our Lady approves. :)