Monday, February 23, 2009

Christmas Playstands

Before Lent takes us further from the Christmas season, I wanted to share this picture of our playroom and extend again a warm "thank you!" to those of you who bought playstands from my brother-in-law Michael Schmiedicke this past Christmas. Mike is still making playstands and other beautiful and durable items from salvaged barn wood. I hope to start a series on some of the unique and clever storage he's made for their small split-level home. If you need a custom storage piece for your shoes, toys, or other items, consider asking Mike to make it for you. Here's the link to his Etsy store again.


Leila said...

That's pretty neat that he makes those things out of old barn wood.

Children love any kind of little fort, don't they?

Love the green of the room beyond, too :)

Sarah said...

We are so glad that you got your playstand!! We love ours. Thanks for making it happen! It has created a special atmosphere in our play area and I just keep hoping the children won't bang it up too much. That has been one eye opener for me with welcoming these little ones: the destruction of things in general! I think my children just don't get outside to play enough hours. The house takes a beating.
I would enjoy a little post on your blog with a picture of the purchaed playstands. It would be fun to see them all; being used/decorated.
I thought I would throw out the idea... feel free to ignore!