Friday, February 13, 2009

New Website: How Do You Mate Socks?

If you've ever wondered how a big family gets all their socks mated, please check out this new site by the frolicsome and fun Parente family. Liz and Doug and their gang o'kids are friends of ours, and they've decided to share their experience and garner ideas on how large families can save money and time. I read their "50 + ways to save money" and learned some things! Feel free to check out How do you mate socks?

Updated: Our local paper, the Northern Virginia Daily did an interview with the Parentes including wonderful family pictures. I love their laundry room! Click here to read the article.

Photo courtesy of WhitKnits, a cool knitting blog I discovered while looking for sock photos.


La Bibliotecaria Laura said...

great website. We are a Family of 5. I don't match the socks anymore. Variety is the spice of life, right? It is pretty spicy here.

I try to group by length/thickness... but color who cares... I wear my husband's socks all the time because I don't really care for them, but have to wear them in the winter...

I throw them in a basket and then let necessity sort them out ;).

Sarah said...

What a great Web site! Thanks for sharing! I wanted to let you know that I changed the name of my blog ... I think the links from your blogs no longer work. If you want to update them, feel free, and if not, that's fine, too. Grace and peace to you!

Donna Marie said...

Coolness! I went to school with Liz and Doug and her sister and husband!:o) They are such wonderful people!