Friday, May 01, 2009

The Ring -- A Poem and Song

I am truly excited to announce that my younger sister Alicia Hernon has finally produced her own solo CD. To read the extensive review/rave on my "updates" blog, click here. But I wanted to share with you the lyrics of the third track on the album, a duet for engaged couples, which Alicia sung with my brother Martin.
This song is based on a poem I wrote of the same name when I was in college, where I spent many hours writing poetry. Shortly after I wrote it, Alicia set my lyrics to music, making it a far more beautiful creation than it was originally, and she sang it for my grandparent's golden jubilee. This is one of the few songs that currently doesn't have a sample track on Alicia's website, but perhaps Alicia will post it soon. Here are the lyrics of the original poem, which don't quite capture the intricate interplay of harmonizing and voices that you will hear on the CD:

The Ring
My sister, I ask you in this hour
Unfolding with the morning flower,
to stand with me and make a vow.
No more shall you be freedom's slave
but since your life you freely gave,
take servanthood in freedom now.
The ring, the round of eternity,
I place on your hand, I give to thee,
a symbol of your love for me.

A promise drawn out through fire and sand
Now gleams in silver on your hand
Eternity that enshrines your finger,
I stand to be yours as life is long:
clasp my hand, and be my singer.
Draw near to me and be my song.
The ring, surpassing old and new,
clings to your hand just as I do:
a symbol of my love for you.
copyright 1991, Regina Doman.
I hope you enjoy this poem. It was a gift that I am happy to share with others, and I'm delighted that Alicia, with her lovely voice and music, is able to share it with so many others.
All profits from Alicia's album will be donated to pro-life causes. To learn more about the album Beloved, click here.


Jane said...

I heard your sister Alicia at the Boston Catholic Woman's conference.
She was amazing!!

Amy Dea said...

Regina: I ordered your sister's cd and we love it. What a lovely voice. I loved the last song with her children. I am sure that touched your heart. In Christ our Hope, Amy