Thursday, August 20, 2009

Joshua Cake

I meant to post this picture back in July on Joshua's birthday, but alas, computer problems intervened, which have only now been rectified. On my son's birthday, my friend Anna brought over a bouquet of wildflowers and this lovely cake decorated by her little girl Angelica with strawberries and paper symbols of the Resurrection: eggs and butterflies and birds and a lovely cross. It was a sweet remembrance of my son, and a wonderful way to celebrate his third birthday in Heaven. Thank you so much, Anna!

Many times people are unsure of what to do for a friend who is grieving the loss of a child or loved one. But often a simple gift or card as a token of remembrance on an anniversary or holiday brings so much comfort. Let your friend know that you remember her sorrow, and are grieving with her. A little can do so much.

If you are looking for ways to comfort those who grieve, consider this list of kind things that people did for us after Joshua died, which helped us. Peace to your day.


elena maria vidal said...

What a good friend and what a beautiful remembrance of your little saint in heaven.

Kristyn said...

What a thoughtful friend.

Ouiz said...

When I met you at the Catholic Conference in VA, I chickened out and didn't tell you that God brings you and your family to mind so often. I don't know you, but He brings you to mind whenever I'm folding laundry (I'm not sure why that particular time and not others!)

You and your family are prayed for, OFTEN.

God bless!

Hummingbirder said...

I'm glad you have Anna nearby and her thoughtfulness is so sweet. God bless you and yours and sweet Joshua whom I never met but feel as though I have.