Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Music for a Fall Evening

For excellent fiddling, I highly recommend this CD by our friends, The Woodhouse Band.  I've posted about them before: their music has enlivened quite a few of our house parties with the flawlessly executed yet homespun sounds of fiddle, banjo, and guitar.  During the chilly days of late fall, set this music spinning on your CD player, and soon your children will be Irish-jigging and twirling around the room!  A better cure for winter cabin fever you won't find.

The Woodhouse Band is Michael Randolph and his five children, each of whom are talented string musicians.  Michael has carefully crafted this CD over the years, and their first recording is an excellent display of their gifts.   Repeated playings hasn't dulled my enthusiasm for this little CD.  For a "homemade" Christmas gift from a Catholic home, consider The Woodhouse Band.  Available locally in Front Royal or downloadable from CDBaby.

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