Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Easter Vigil and Morning Centerpieces

Our usual routine on the Easter Vigil is to send our young children to be early, while the rest of us stay up to clean house, fill and hide Easter baskets, and set the table for breakfast after church in the morning.  This year, my eldest daughter created centerpieces that were so enchanting I had to share them. She cut flowering branches and planted them in soil-filled clay pots topped with moss, then hung them with tiny wooden ornaments (culled by me from a thrift-store table) and set them on flowered linens from the antique store bin. Taking a cue from my friend Clare, I had purchased wooden peg people which the girls and I painted, then glued on wool hair and gilded wooden wings to make a chorus of Easter angels to welcome our children in the morning.
My daughter again took creative license with my plans when it came to setting the table. A yellow sheet from a giveaway bag was our tablecloth and I bought 50-cent white dishes at thift stores to serve as chargers for my grandmother's Depression glass china, but it was my daughter who made Easter egg nests of pink shredded paper in her collection of tiny clay pots and nestled them in linen napkins, placing one of her very own special silver spoons on each plate to crack the shells with.

The result was pure enchantment for the young ones, an awe that rivaled that of Christmas morning.  Though their baskets were hidden away until after Mass and brunch, Easter joy was awaiting them on the table that morning, and even one of our adult guests declared that it was the loveliest table setting she'd ever seen.  Many thanks to my daughter's creativity!


Sarah said...

Absolutely lovely! Your daughter is very creative!!

Jodi said...

So, so lovely. What a sight to wake up to! What a creative daughter.

Sally Thomas said...

What a gorgeous table!

Kristyn said...

She did a beautiful job!

Lucy said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing some beauty in my day. :)

In Christ,