Monday, May 03, 2010

A New Llama!

This Sunday we were wonderfully surprised to find that our mama llama had given birth to a beautiful little black baby girl llama!  The little one is well-formed, but sadly, she's not nursing well, which doesn't bode well.  I need to ask for prayers for this little one, since llama babies, unlike sheep babies, are fragile and need looking after.  She's refused a bottle of colostrum, but we have some hope that she managed to nurse in the night.   The parent llamas are very proud of their little girl, and though they don't like my husband and I to approach her, they are perfectly fine with our young children coming up to pet the baby, which of course, they love to do.
So I'm asking for prayers that our little "Black Beauty" will nurse well and thrive!  She is a delight to our children already, and if she keeps her black color (her father is dark brown with a black face) she will be a rarity in this area.  So pray, and I will let you know how she fares.


Hummingbirder said...

Gorgeous! What a great surprise! I hope she fares well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Regina,
What a cute llama...we'll pray all goes well.

Elenatintil said...

Thank you for the pictures and the post! I can't wait to meet her!

Kristyn said...

I'll pray and hope for the best. :)

Emily G. said...

She is precious.

I raised goats for ten years. I am not very familiar with llamas, but I know that if we had a goat who would not eat, to save its life we would tube feed with a syringe and a tube. The vet told us, if you can feel the tube going down you're safe. I did it many times successfully. Often a little goat just needed some strength to get him through the first few days and then he'd suddenly take to eating just fine.

I offer that as a suggestion if you get very desperate.