Thursday, December 02, 2010

Butchering the Ramb

This past year, our family began raising American Blackbelly Hair Sheep for meat. A few weeks ago, we butchered our two oldest males, one ram and one who, because of his youth, we dubbed the "ramb." Unlike our pig butchering, where we had experienced help, Andrew and I tackled this task ourselves, armed with the help of the The Homesteader's Handbook to Raising Small Livestock and Cutting Up In the Kitchen. It was much less intimidating than the pig, and we managed to do both in two days. But from the pig butchering, we learned that some unconventional tools such as tree pruning sheers and a reciprocating saw are more useful in some cases than butchering knives and cleavers.

After watching their dad carve up loins and chops, the older children wanted to help. So Andrew set them to work cutting up some of the smaller bits for stew. That evening I tossed some of the chunks with seasoned flour and roasted them 325 degrees in the oven. The family concluded that "ramb nuggets" were a delectable treat, especially on a fall evening!


Anonymous said...

My family butchered tons of things on the kitchen table too, one of our favorite meals afterward was Bunny Nuggets - yum!

Amy said...

Good for you! That is quite the job to tackle. We butchered our own turkey for Thanksgiving. My girls and I were able to do most of it outside on a card table. We finished in the house though. This is such an important skill to learn.