Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Evi Doll Patterns at last!

Many of you know I'm big fans of the Nova Natural Evi dolls. Two years ago, Nova released their popular all-natural fair-trade dolls in "dressable" form: and I lost no time in buying the "mother" doll (who can pass for a fairy-tale princess in my book!) and outfitting her with a wardrobe. Some of you asked for the patterns I used. It's taken me two years, but at last (Merry Christmas!) I'm posting the patterns I made. If you would like to download the PDF of the pattern book I made of clothes to fit that doll, click here. I believe the clothes would also fit the flower fairy dolls and some of the fairy tale dolls (they would have to go over the existing clothes those dolls wear unless you, like my daughters, cut the clothes off the doll).

The six-page book can be printed onto letter-sized paper in black and white. The patterns presuppose a knowledge of sewing and dress construction. So I didn't really include any directions, just the pattern pieces. But maybe in the future I can do an upgrade. I welcome any feedback you might have, and yes, I would love to see photos of how the clothes turn out!

So here's the Evi Dollhouse Doll Pattern Book. Happy crafting and blessed Christmas!

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